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Betrayed by Lane Kiffin!

January 13, 2010

What do you think about Lane Kiffin? I think he’s a classless bitch!

After all that the UT athletic Department has been through in the past year Lane Kiffin has to make it worse. All I can say is what an asshole! I have never seen so many angry fans in my life. He has screwed with the wrong university, team, and fan base. He just better leave here as soon as possible before these angry fans get a hold of him. This is the most heartless thing a coach can do to a team and university.

Tennessee Beats #1 Ranked Kansas

January 11, 2010

Congratulations to the Tennessee Volunteer basketball program for the unbelievable win over Kansas on Sunday. The vols accomplished more than just a win Sunday; they overcame very difficult off court situations and became a family. They played together with heart and determination. They grew not only as players but as individuals of a family. I am a big Volunteer fan and I appreciate the outstanding effort and togetherness they have shown in the past two games. Keep up the incredible work and continue to come together as one until you walk away as winners on that last game in April. It truly is GREAT TO BE A TENNESSEE VOL!!!

Top 10 Sports Teams We Love To Hate

November 19, 2009

10. Miami Hurricanes (College Football)

9. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

8. San Antonio Spurs (NBA)

7. Ohio State Buckeyes (College Football)

6. Alabama Crimson Tide (College Football)

5. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

4. New England Patriots (NFL)

3. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (College Football)

1. New York Yankees (MLB)

Dwayne Wade Monster Dunk

November 13, 2009

One of the best dunks I’ve ever seen!

The BCS? are you serious?

November 6, 2009

The BCS in college football stands for Bowl Championship Series. The BCS also stands for Bulls**t Computer System! But who cares  right? They only screw a few teams a year. I mean it could be worse, which it probably will be this year. The BCS “claims” to pick the best two teams in the country to play against each other in the national championship. Well they also cannot put two teams from the same conference in the same bowl game, that’s just not how the BCS does things. Now, please tell me how in the hell can the BCS pick the two best teams when they are in the same conference? They can’t! So once again another team will get screwed out of the national championship because of the great system the NCAA has going on.

Oh and by the way, BCS also stands for Broke College Student 🙂