People I’m tired of hearing about!

I am so tired of hearing just sh*t all the time. It pisses me off more than anything. The number one person I am tired of hearing about is fu**ing Tim Tebow. Yeah he’s a great football player but damn! Do we have to center sports center around him every night? This sh*t is getting old! Tebow this and Tebow that; just shut the fu** up. The funniest part about it is that this is his worst season out of the 50 years he’s played at Florida and they have talked about him more this season than any other season. I’m counting down the days until he is gone.

The second person is I’m sick of is Taylor Swift. It’s not that I’m tired of her; I am just sick and tired of her fu**ing songs. One of her damn songs is on every station on the radio. I have got to where I just turn off the radio when her songs come on. It makes me want to run my truck into a tree.

Another person I am tired of is Britney Spears. Do people really like these new songs? They are terrible. They make me want to shoot myself! It is all the music world talks about is how she has turned herself and her career around. If you ask me I think she still sucks! I liked her better when I never heard about her or her music. But you can’t always get what you wish for 😦

There’s many more but thats just all I could think about at the moment.


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